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Jul 31, 2019

Perspective on Sprint – T-Mobile – DISH Deal

The Telecom Three Body Problem

Gene Retske

A very popular science fiction trilogy of books by Cixin Liu pondered the near impossibility of predicting the movement of three cosmic bodies in gravitational proximity to each other (The Three Body Problem, Remembrance of Earth’s Past, ASIN: B00IQO403K).

Jun 20, 2019

IoT Offers New Opportunities for Prepaid & Wireless Services

Gene Retske

What would you pay for a copy of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal? Nothing? How about a copy of tomorrow’s edition? Priceless! Consider this as a copy of tomorrow’s Prepaid and Wireless News.

Jun 19, 2019

Why Repair Matters

Bob Lafon

As a wireless retailer or prepaid retailer you might ask yourself this question; why does repair matter to me? After all, my business is all about selling phones, activating service, and selling accessories.




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