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Jul 14, 2022

6 Critical Features for Mobile Processors Looking for the Best Mobile Diagnostic Software

Farah Mithani

Finding the Best Mobile Diagnostic Software for Mobile Device Processors

Every day, mobile processors receive a deluge of smartphones, tablets, and other serialized assets that must be tracked within an inventory system, verified to make sure serial numbers match the device purchased, and then assessed and erased so every device can be remarketed accordingly. Within each step of this process, there are inefficiencies and pain points that keep many processors from getting the most out of their inventory. 

If you actively work in the business of buying, selling, or otherwise dealing with diagnosing and erasing mobile phones and other mobile devices within the secondary market, make sure your processes are efficient, growth-oriented, and that you can keep buyers and industry auditors satisfied and informed every step of the way.

Overcoming mobile processing pain points 

The following operational pain points are common in the mobile phone industry: 

  • Inefficient and slow manual practices for erasing phone data and evaluating device condition
  • A wide range of mobile terms, eligibilities, and related validation requirements 
  • Inaccurate device diagnostic assessments 
  • Data protection compliance and legal concerns 
  • Unstable mobile diagnostic software platforms and the resulting downtime

To combat these issues, keep these six features in mind when looking for the best mobile diagnostic software for your mobile phone resale or processing business:  

  1. Efficient Automation and Customizable Workflows 
  2. Competitive Pricing and Relevant Feature Set 
  3. Comprehensive Android and iOS Diagnostic Testing 
  4. Compliance Assurance 
  5. Integration with Your IT Environment 
  6. System Stability and Reliability 

1. Efficient Automation and Customizable Workflows 

When evaluating mobile device diagnostic software, look for a solution that provides streamlined automated diagnostics, grading, and erasure workflows tailored to your unique testing setup. A customizable solution allows mobile phone processors to programmatically choose the tests they want to run based on device condition or type. The best mobile diagnostic software provides control over exactly what happens to each asset, can configure asset tags with the right information, and accurately determines whether mobile phones and tablets should be sent out for reuse, resale, or recycling. This removes human error and subjective manual assessments, keeps track of and documents each step of the mobile process for each device—and reduces labor costs. Plus, using streamlined, automated diagnostics speeds up the entire mobile processing journey—allowing devices to reach buyers more quickly.  

2. Competitive Pricing and Relevant Feature Set 

Cost is always a factor. To truly assess the value of a mobile diagnostic solution, evaluate how suitable its features are for your business functions. The workflows above will dramatically affect labor costs, but there are other considerations that impact productivity and time to market. 

For instance, in addition to license or setup costs, consider your priorities for speed vs. depth of testing. Both affect throughput. Does the software you’re considering allow you to choose (for example) a longer version of a smartphone camera test that evaluates the picture taken, or choose to focus on speed with a simpler, faster API-based camera test? Customizable testing options allow mobile processors to assess devices in a way that gives them the greatest value.  

The ideal software solution should also go beyond addressing physical capabilities. Because many smartphones and mobile devices come from various buy-back/trade-in or other programs, the best mobile diagnostic software will also be able to validate different terms and eligibilities.  

Additional factors are below. 

3. Comprehensive Android and iOS Diagnostic Testing  

When looking for the best mobile diagnostic software for your business, it is crucial to use one that conducts comprehensive tests across the widest variety of devices, including Android and iOS. The solution should be able to accurately assess faulty devices, which repairs are needed, which devices are beyond repair, the value of each device, and each device’s condition across a wide variety of mobile device manufacturers and models. It should cover areas often missed, such as damaged screens and a variety of locks, including cloud locks, mobile device management (MDM) locks, and carrier SIM locks. Of course, such software should conduct these tests accurately. Otherwise, assessment errors can lead to lowered credibility, hefty financial costs, increased return merchandise authorizations (RMAs), and less profit potential due to devices being sold at the wrong price point. If you take part in online marketplaces, inaccurate test results can also affect your mobile reseller rating. 

4. Compliance Assurance  

Computing power and data storage capabilities have increased exponentially since smartphones and other mobile devices first became popular. The mobile diagnostics and erasure solution you choose needs to thoroughly remove previous user data and files from the device, then provide a verification of erasure for all audits and tracking. While efficiency is often the focus for mobile processors, following globally recognized data erasure standards protects businesses from the consequences of leaving sensitive or personal information behind. This can include revenue loss, damage to brand reputation, loss of customer trust, operational downtime, fines, and legal action. 

5. Integration with Your Specific IT Environment  

Since mobile device processors typically have separate software for tracking shipments, inventory, diagnostic tests, erasure reports, and device asset tags, a solution that easily integrates with the systems you already have in place improves operational efficiency. It also saves on labor costs: open-source, easy-to-plug-in APIs allow mobile processors, wholesalers, and resellers to send Android and iOS device information automatically to reduce manual data entry—seamlessly moving cell phones and tablets through each stage. This reduces human touch time, ad hoc decision making, and error rates. 

6. System Stability and Reliability 

Finally, your mobile diagnostic solution should free you from the worry of downtime. In any industry where accuracy, speed, and volume are critical, a system glitch can be costly. Unfortunately, too many software packages can seem appealing because of cost or throughput promises, but don’t provide reliable uptime.  

Get Efficient, Compliant & Automated Solutions to Speed Up Your Mobile Device Processing

You can get the fastest, most effective, verified iOS and Android erasure on the market, a full suite of easily configurable diagnostic tests to fit your organization’s needs, and the ability to create simple or complex workflows for grading, erasure, and diagnostics—all by easily integrating the software within your existing systems.  

Originally published on the Blancco website.


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