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2023 Expo Register
2023 Expo Register
Aug 31, 2022

All Wireless & Prepaid Expo 2022

Expo Recap

Jeff Moore

Best edition of the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo ever

The 2022 edition of the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo was the best ever.  There were more than 3,000 registered attendees, and more than 100 exhibitors on the show floor.  Both of these numbers were at record levels. 


Speakers from top carriers

The Expo also had the best lineup of speakers ever, with Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton keynoting.  This was Adderton’s second time keynoting at the conference.  Both of his keynotes had standing room-only attendance – and that was after we brought in a large number of chairs.  The Boost Mobile founder was not able to speak about Mobile X, as the transaction that will take the company private is still pending.  

However, his decades of prepaid wireless experience were evident, as he spoke about the market with passion and energy.  “I love this industry,” Adderton tweeted on August 16.  On August 17, he tweeted that it was a “great Expo,” adding that grassroots events like this “make the prepaid industry what it is today.”  He also stated that more C-level carrier executives should attend.

Some did attend.  Lee Mrazek, TracFone SVP-Indirect Channel, walked attendees through trends such as digital acceleration and the “amplified connected life.”  Robert Yap, VP of Gen Mobile, which is part of Dish Wireless, also spoke.  He updated attendees on Dish’s recent transformation and on the renewed ambitions of its Gen Mobile brand.


Analysts and other speakers

Analysts spoke at the conference.  Grant Joslin, VP of U.S. Telecom Equity Research for Credit Suisse spoke.  He provided thorough detail on the big picture environment carriers are facing, while also putting some hard dollar figures to carrier performance.  This was the first time that an equity analyst has spoken at the conference.  As Principal of Wave7 Research, I provided an overview of wireless competition.  

There were 20 other speakers as well.  They addressed marketing, usage of social media, wireless devices, customers and care, technology for supported businesses, and phone repairs and accessories.


Bustling exhibit hall floor

With a record 100 exhibitors on the show floor, from all facets of the wireless industry, attendees were able to meet the major players in prepaid, as well as value-added providers in accessories, insurance, marketing, repair and more. 


The happy hour, best networking hour in U.S. prepaid

One of the favorite parts of the Expo is happy hour on day one.  It is the best hour for wireless and prepaid networking in the industry.  Attendees gather in large numbers each year.  Some attendees have a beer or two and the conversations get very candid.  This is where deals are done.  


Easy logistics

I have been to a lot of telecom conferences where attendees spend half their time in transit.  Attendees generally take advantage of the Expo’s discounted pricing and stay at Caesars Palace, which makes it easy to get to the conference hall and to arrange meetings and side events.  The only thing I have ridden at the Expo in recent years has been an escalator.

See you next year

The next edition of the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo will be on August 15-16, as seen here.  Again, it will be at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!



About author

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is Principal of Wave7 Research, a wireless research firm that covers U.S. postpaid, prepaid, and smartphone competition.  Jeff has 25 years of telecom industry experience, including 13 years of competitive intelligence work for Sprint. Jeff is also Conference Director for All Wireless & Prepaid Expo.  

Follow him on Twitter @wave7jeff.

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