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2021 Final photos
2021 Final photos


Apr 07, 2021

AWPE 2021 Conference Agenda

Submit Your Speaker Proposal

Gene Retske

Submit your Ideas

We are currently accepting speaker submissions for this year’s All Wireless & Prepaid Expo conference program. We aim to present sessions that will help attendees learn, adapt and thrive in today’s competitive wireless marketplace. We present serious information that you, as experts, believe is relevant and valuable to the industry. Your ideas and recommendations are important to us. Please, no self-serving presentations will be accepted.  


1. You Have to Fight for the Right to Repair

We know that Repair is a significant opportunity, but the big tech guys are not always open to independent repair facilities. What are the opportunities and how do we overcome the barriers to entry?


2. Starting Over Marketing Strategies

Now that we are on the road to recovery from the pandemic, to say that things have changed is a serious understatement. In this session, experts will offer their thoughts on strategies that will lead to success in the future.


3. Online Strategies Post COVID

Online sales, service and marketing are critical to success. As with Marketing Strategies, COVID has radically altered consumer behavior, marketing channels and support structures. Find out how to tune your online strategy in this new environment.


4. Accessorize for Success

Accessory sales are a major opportunity for revenue growth, and are high margin to boot. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join us and hear how successful operations are leveraging accessory sales.


5. New Channel Opportunities

Channels are like rivers, they are constantly changing, even without a pandemic. Latching onto a new channel can be the most important thing you do. Our panel of experts will lay out some potential new channels.


6. La Tech, La Tech, Toujours la Tech

At the heart of everything we do is the technology. A year in the world of tech is like a decade. Having a view of the new technologies and how they can be utilized may be the edge you need to assure success.


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