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Jul 13, 2006

Continuing Coverage of the FCC June 30 Order on Prepaid Calling Cards

On June 30, 2006, the FCC issued a Declaration and Order, Number 06-79, regarding the sale of prepaid calling cards. This Order has completely reorganized and re-regulated the industry. Because of the importance of this Order to the industry,The Prepaid Presswill provide ongoing coverage of this event. Be sure to bookmark this page, and refer back for fast breaking news.Articles in the July, 2006 issue ofThe Prepaid Pressabout the Order
Anatomy of the 2006 Prepaid Calling Card Compliance Rules by Ed MaldonadoA Level Playing Field? by Matthew SchulmanMajor Points of FCC Order & New Rules On Prepaid Calling Cards by Ed MaldonadoChronology of Events by Ed MaldonadoWe Warned You, Editorial by Gene Retske
Ed, Gene andThe Prepaid Pressblog on the Order.
This is aHOTdiscussion, don't miss it.
Actual Copies of FCC Orders(click to download)
FCC Report and Order on the Regulation of Prepaid Calling Cards 6/30/06FCC IP In the Middle Order 4/21/04FCC AT&T Enhanced Prepaid Calling Card Order w/ FinesFCC Argument on AT&T Appeal in Federal Court of Appeals Case 05-1096 (DC Circuit)Brand X Nineth Circuit Court of Appeals OpinionSupreme Court Opinion
Related articles in previous issues ofThe Prepaid Pressabout the Order
Pete Patullo article on USF reformeMarketer VoIP ReportVoIP Battleground by Maldonado & Schulman
Late Breaking News on the Order
Watch here for late breaking news. . . . .
Other coverage
Seattle P.I. ReportSonnenschein Law Group reportMedia Law Prof Blog

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