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2023 Expo Register
2023 Expo Register
Jun 29, 2017

The Countdown Begins

Join Us at The Prepaid Expo This August

Robin Tobias

Here we are again, now embarking on the tenth anniversary of The Prepaid Expo, August 22-23, at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.  Time flies when you enjoy what you do, and based on the number of attendee registrations to date, it seems you all enjoy this business as much as we do.  Or, at least you enjoy coming to The Prepaid Expo in Vegas. 

It is with your participation that we continue to bridge the worlds of prepaid wireless and value-added services into one room, and a special thanks goes out to our supporters, speakers and media partners. 

As this industry matures, it becomes increasingly important to supplement prepaid wireless and top up with new revenue streams.  This year, our conference program is focused on The New Frontier of Prepaid Profitability, combining best practices and strategies from leading industry execs.  Our goal is to offer insight into effectively incorporating new ideas, partners, products and mobile technologies into your portfolio to grow your prepaid business. 

The conference kicks off with “The Prepaid Landscape,” presented by Ben Jackson, Director of the Prepaid Advisory Service, Mercator Advisory Group, and Jeff Moore, Principal, Wave7 Research.  Find out how the prepaid market is changing and why some competitors succeed while others decline. Ben and Jeff will teach you what you need to know, including stats on the size of the market, how fast it’s growing and what the future may hold.

There’s no alternative when it comes to generating revenue through accessories. Accessories not only boost profits and but also nurture differentiation. In this session, you’ll learn how to foster and sustain a culture of alternative revenue while training salespeople to master the category. In our Alternative Revenue session, speakers from cellhelmet and TransferTo will explain how you can succeed in the category. 

Upselling Wireless Repair follows next, where repair experts will teach you everything you need to know about finding the right replacement parts, obtaining and marketing pre-owned phones, and dealing with franchising, franchisees and franchisors in the cell phone repair business.  Learn how wireless repair can help you boost revenue - and build better relationships with your prepaid customers. 

This year’s conference program was specifically developed to help you grow your business, and there is something to be taken away by all who attend this year’s program.  A 2-Day All Access Pass gives you entry into the Exhibit Hall, Conference Sessions and ‘Cheers to Ten Years’ Networking Party – and leaves you with the best networking experience in the industry. 


Hours & Events

The Exhibit Hall is open Tuesday, August 22, from 11:00 – 5:00, with a Welcome Brunch for all attendees at 12:45, sponsored by BOSS Revolution.  Wednesday, August 23, the Hall is open from 10:00 – 2:00, with another BOSS-sponsored Brunch at Noon.  Conference sessions run from 9:00 – 5:30 on Tuesday.    

If you want some extra networking time with your associates, join us at the ‘Cheers to Ten Years’ Networking Party on Tuesday night at Planet Hollywood’s London Club, sponsored by Red Pocket Mobile and epay.  Party doors open at 5:30, shortly after the Exhibit Hall closes.  Purchase your Party Pass now so you don’t miss any after hours action.


Register Early and Save

We thank TPP readers for your support, and are offering a Discount Code on all registrations.  Use Promo Code FREE for a FREE Exhibit Hall Pass; Promo Code SAVE10 for 10% Savings on a $75 Networking Party Pass, or $150 2-Day All Access Pass (through July 31).  Register on

Take some time today to review our Virtual Exhibit Hall and Conference Agenda – and start your show planning.  Looking forward to seeing you all in August…  Las Vegas, get ready for the true Players of Prepaid!





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