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2021 Final photos
2021 Final photos


Jun 30, 2020

Where Opportunity Abounds

Gene Retske

A co-worker of mine had an expression, “Where there is confusion, there is opportunity.” I have been involved in telecom of one form or another since 1973, almost half a century. One thing that is clear, is that telecom has ample amounts of confusion, and, thus, unlimited opportunity. 


From the first crack in the Bell “natural monopoly” to long distance competition to divestiture, and along the way, computer integration and cellular transmission, there have been opportunities never before seen anywhere, anytime. And, it is not done. Not by a long shot.


Are you confused? Good! Are you motivated to find opportunities? Great! Are you coming to the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo 2021? You better! Last year’s event in 2019, had over 2,800 registered attendees within the prepaid & wireless space, 80+ exhibitors and sponsors. Based on the feedback from 2019 participants, we expect even more participants at this year’s show, August 17-18, 2021 - Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

This is the one place that service providers, dealers, distributors, technology innovators and entrepreneurs can meet and deal.

Looking for innovative new products? AWPE 2021 is the place.

Want to hear effective marketing ideas? AWPE 2021 is the place.

Need to find new partners? AWPE 2021 is the place.

All New Conference Focused on Opportunities

Our highly rated conference this year will be split into two different types of sessions. 

On Day One, we will host a forum for all the participants to share ideas, product information and marketing data. If you are a dealer looking for new products or marketing ideas, this is the place for you to be. If you have a product or a program and need distribution, you will find a receptive audience. 

On Day Two, we will offer paid Training Sessions, led by leading industry experts. These hands-on sessions are designed to allow you to develop new capabilities, find new opportunities and grow your business. These Training Sessions go far beyond panel discussions. They are real training sessions focused on specific skills. You will learn in a hands-on environment, and develop capabilities for your business. Don’t sign up for these if you want to sit back and be entertained. In these sessions, you will actively participate and train for new capabilities. 

We are excited by this new format, and can’t wait to tell you about them. Stay tuned as we roll out the announcements.

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring, there are a few spots left. Contact Lisa Brown at or 866.203.2334 ext. 505 for information on all available options.  If you would like to participate as a speaker or workshop organizer, contact Gene Retske at or 866.203.2334 ext. 525. 


Stay tuned for updates as they unfold…. Can’t wait to see you in February!  


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