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2023 photos
2023 photos
May 12, 2022

Why Attend the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo Conference Sessions?

Education, Networking & Insight

Jeff Moore

In 2022, All Wireless & Prepaid Expo boasts its strongest lineup of speakers ever.  It will be a daylong session on Tuesday, August 16.  My firm, Wave7 Research, is the leading research firm on prepaid wireless competition and I will provide a brief update on the latest in the prepaid market.

Keynote and carrier panel.  Peter Adderton, the CEO of MobileX and the Founder and former CEO of Boost Mobile, will be keynoting, as he did in 2018.  For the first time, we will have a panel of carrier executives, including Robert Yap, Vice President of Dish Network and CEO of Gen Mobile, and Sharif Ailey, Vice President of Channel Development for Ultra Mobile, joining Adderton for a group discussion on the state of prepaid wireless and its impact on dealers.   

Wireless devices.  Phones and other wireless devices are central to the wireless industry.  We have two top experts on devices lined up, Jeff Fieldhack, the Research Director of Counterpoint Research and Cliff Maldonado, the CEO and Principal Analyst of BayStreet Research.  Shehzad Ali, the COO of Wireless Waves, will bring the perspective from the viewpoint of one of Texas’ top wholesalers of phones, accessories, and electronics.  Brian Sipe, the President of Vertex Wireless, will provide the perspective of a device distributor that is authorized to sell devices from leading OEMs, such as Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, and others.

Marketing and social media.  Ahmed Abusharbain, the CEO of UPPLUCK, Nate Moshkovich, the CEO of Clearline Mobile, and Todd Tomlin, the COO of Ncentiva, will address the conference.  How can dealers creatively reach their customers in an effective and affordable way?  Abusharbain, Moshkovich, and Tomlin will provide details on how companies can use online marketing and social media to boost profitability.

Customers and care.  Ryo Hang, the CTO of Ascending, will explain how the cloud can be used to keep employees and customers satisfied.  Tapcheck provides an innovative service that allows employees to get paid earlier without a loan and Tapcheck COO Kayling Gaver will provide details.  Andre Riley, the Chief Revenue Officer of Arcade, will discuss innovative solutions for keeping a workforce engaged and productive.

Device repair and accessories.  Julio Castro, the Co-founder of Wireless Dealer Group, Shay Kripalani, the CEO of Injured Gadgets, Nicole Russell, the CEO of CellBotics, and Lee Terkel, the EVP of Cellhelmet, will update attendees about how dealers can boost profitability through device repair and accessory sales.

Technology.  Jeff Holley, the CEO of DataBytes and BOOM! Mobile, will discuss how custom, cloud-based data collection and analytics platforms can boost the bottom line.  Scott Venuti, VP of Strategic Partnerships with Plum will detail how companies can get access to a nationwide 5G network to sell mobile and Internet service as an MVNO.  Brandon French, President of Payvantage, will explain new technology that makes customers’ monthly payments far more dependable, improving revenues.  Michel Francis, CEO of Reloadly, will discuss how the right software can make payments reliable and effective, and Marc Watley, Head of Marketing, ePay, will cover the retail technologies needed to excel in top up, POS, ecommerce and reporting. 

The speaker sessions will be informative and interactive.  Audience participation is encouraged. Other companies with similar interests will be at these sessions, making the conference not only educational, but a great networking opportunity.  


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About author

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is Principal of Wave7 Research, a wireless research firm that covers U.S. postpaid, prepaid, and smartphone competition.  Jeff has 25 years of telecom industry experience, including 13 years of competitive intelligence work for Sprint. Jeff is also Conference Director for All Wireless & Prepaid Expo.  

Follow him on Twitter @wave7jeff.

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