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Jun 10, 2021

Wireless Got Us Through

Todd Walberg

2020 was a year we certainly won’t forget.  Each one of us has our own unique story. It was lives pivoting on a dime. It was suddenly remote learning and working. It was rationing toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It was heightened worry. 

But while we may have been physically isolated, the vast majority of us had wireless to get us through. We could talk/text/video chat with our loved ones when physical connections weren’t possible. We could utilize telehealth when the in-person care we needed had to be safe. We kept working and studying and checking the news. We adapted. Wireless helped our communities do all that. 

Thank you, wireless.

The way we relied on wireless in the past year fundamentally changed the way we do business.  Now, more than ever, wireless is cemented as an integral part of our lives. It’s an exciting time to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry.

For those of us who had seamless access to connectivity, we realized how crucial it was to keep functioning and serving our customers, even in a lockdown. For those who were not digitally connected, the digital divide widened. It was apparent this needed fixed. Fact: connectivity is critical. 


Our Service Is Essential

COVID-19 served as the catalyst for a rapid transformation in how we used our wireless devices and networks. Providers increased network capacity, mobile data and opened public Wi-Fi hotspots. Operators announced multi million-dollar investments in solutions to help keep customers connected. Retailers expanded their offerings to meet the needs of their diverse customer base. 

“Not only did U.S. wireless networks handle this unprecedented shift and surge in traffic last spring, but mobile wireless networks have continued to improve their performance. According to Ookla, since the onset of the pandemic, median wireless speeds increased nearly 50%.” (Access Wireless)

The demand was evident, “This trend has only continued during the course of the pandemic: mobile usage has increased around 40%, according to Ericsson.” (Access Wireless)

What we do, and how we provide this connectivity, is essential now and with certainty will continue to be in the future. 


Thank You And Moving Forward

We want to close by saying thank you for all you’ve done. The services we provide are essential and it’s a responsibility I know we all take very seriously.  Let’s not forget, that wireless has steered us through hurricanes, blizzards and floods in the past.  And now, add pandemic to that list. It was there for us then and will be there for us in the future. Let’s celebrate being a part of such an amazing industry. 

We can’t wait to see you in person and collectively recognize the fact that we emerged stronger.  We have come through with more resolve, serving our customers better and we are bettering their lives.  We can’t predict the future. But we do know that wireless will serve as the foundation as we work together, connecting and solving whatever comes next. 



About author

Todd Walberg

Todd Walberg

Todd Walberg is Director of Sales with VIDAPAY. VIDAPAY, a T-CETRA proprietary solution, is a cloud-based payment portal that helps retailers mitigate risk and increase sales. Its intuitive interface enables retailers to manage customer accounts in real-time within a safe, secure cash-to-cashless payment transaction framework.   

Please visit the VIDAPAY booth #114 at AWPE as we celebrate Moving On and Moving Up.  To schedule a meeting, visit VIDAPAY's Virtual Booth on  


07/19/2021 - By Ahmed Abushabain
Indeed the wireless and the telecommunications what kept us in contact and made our lives so much simpler. Thanks, Todd for sharing.

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